Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Week 3

As you can tell we had another week full of fun. Although this time it wasn't in Utah...it was at the Happiest Place on Earth...that's right we got to go to Disneyland! We got to go down with Tim's family for a family reunion. Tim and I both grew up going to Disneyland. Oh how I love Disneyland! It is such a special place. Tim and I both still get giddy walking down Main Street USA. We both have so many wonderful memories but this trip was different than any other...we got to share it with Kate! Getting to experience Disneyland as a parent and seeing Kate's eyes light up as she saw Mickey was incredible!

Kate totally loved it! She enjoyed all the rides but especially loved Finding Nemo, Dumbo, the Teacups, the Jungle Cruise, the train, and the definite favorite was the carousel! Kate was a trooper and we were able to hit it hard and pretty much do it all (although she did fall asleep on Pirates of the Caribbean). Kate also especially loved meeting the characters. She got so giddy and excited to meet Mickey and Minnie. It was so cute! This first trip to Disneyland will be something we will never forget!

We also got to take Kate to the beach for the first time! We headed to Huntington Beach before he headed home and she loved it! She enjoyed playing in the sand (and eating some of it too) and loved the water...although she would get sad every time the water would leave....she didn't get why it would come in and then leave :) What a great trip! A big thanks to Tim's parents for making it possible!

I even got to go to a Sokol family favorite restaurant, El Cholo, and have their famous green corn tamales...you can tell they are to die for!

Rides, fun, and family

Kate's favorite ride, the carousel
Our Sleeping Beauty...wore this girl right out!
Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy

Fun in the Sun...Huntington Beach
Kate's first beach experience


  1. I loved all these pics!! looks like you had so much fun! Kate is a darling little princess! You will cherish these pictures forever.

  2. Looks like you guys are having a blast!! Looks like Kate loved it all. Can't wait to see you guys in a couple weeks!

  3. AH! I LOVE D, and miss it so much. I pretty much grew up in Disneyland!