Monday, June 11, 2012

Bridges of Madison County

We had another fun week doing two more activities on our Summer Fun To Do list! Tim took an afternoon off so we could head to the historic covered bridges of Madison County.  Although neither of us have read or seen the movie we were excited to go check them out. These bridges were built in the 1880's and because the timber they used on the bottom was so valuable they decided to protect it by covering them. Apparently there used to be a total of 19 covered bridges but now only six remain- with five of the six being original.  Since they are historic and are only wide enough for one way traffic you are now only allowed to walk through them. We had a great time discovering more of what Iowa has to offer. We also got to see the home and birth place of John Wayne as well as check out this really cool tower in Winterset's City Park.

Then, this past weekend we headed up to North Liberty for their Summer Fun Days! The carnival was really small and kind of a disappointment but the tiny small-town parade was awesome complete with tractors!

Kate and I are off to Utah tomorrow! Super excited!


  1. I love those covered bridges - they remind me of some we saw in Michigan - very cool! Can't wait to hang out soon! Yahoooo!

  2. Cool bridges! They look so pituresque-midwest-American. I hope you ate a slice of apple pie or something!