Tuesday, June 12, 2012

13 Months

Another month has come and gone...Kate is now 13 months! Kate is keeping us very busy. She is all over the place...scooting, climbing, crawling, pulling herself up, standing up without holding onto anything, and just yesterday took her FIRST STEPS! This little gal is going to be walking really soon I think. Kate is just loving life. Her favorites include performing her "tricks" which are waving, clapping, and blowing us a kiss and being so proud of herself. Kate also loves playing outside in the backyard. Her favorite books right now are Good Night SLC and Clifford's First Easter. Kate loves playing peek-a-boo and this-little-piggie. Her favorite toys include her star stacker, musical instruments, stacking cups, empty yogurt containers, her play kitchen, Mr. Crab, pulling books off her bookshelf, and playing with the dishwasher. She also loves to try and go through our recycling and loves grabbing things from inside the fridge when it's open.

To celebrate I think we'll head to Utah!

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  1. Kater potater is starting is not looking like a baby waby anymore! :) i love how animated she is. You're so good at getting her to ham if up for the camera. I want to go see those covered bridges now. They look beautiful!