Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Week 2

We've had another fun week in the Beehive State! Here are some pictures...
Up Big Cottonwood Canyon
Silver Lake
Kate loved going to the Discovery Museum with her cousins

Kate and Bronson building towers

Nothing is better than a picnic up my favorite canyon...Millcreek
Enjoying smores with my nephew Brady
Fun with Paisley, Grandma B, and Ellie

Picking raspberries in my parents backyard
Tim and I enjoyed attending the Draper Temple...it crazy to have our pick of temples to attend...all within 25 minutes of my parents house!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Utah- Week 1

Oh how I love being in Utah! We have been having so much fun and making the most of every moment...thankfully though we still have almost a month left! Kate is especially having fun. She adores spending time with her cousins and is almost walking! Here are some pictures from our first week of fun:

Tracy Aviary/Kate absolutely loves Mistek the cat/New toys
Having fun on the trampoline
Sokol cousins at the park
Enjoying the sunshine at Red Butte Garden
Backyard fun/wagon ride with cousin Ellie at Grandma B's/cousin Paisley/ Sokol cousins
Kennecott Copper Mine
Kate totally loved watching the haul trucks at the mine

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

13 Months

Another month has come and gone...Kate is now 13 months! Kate is keeping us very busy. She is all over the place...scooting, climbing, crawling, pulling herself up, standing up without holding onto anything, and just yesterday took her FIRST STEPS! This little gal is going to be walking really soon I think. Kate is just loving life. Her favorites include performing her "tricks" which are waving, clapping, and blowing us a kiss and being so proud of herself. Kate also loves playing outside in the backyard. Her favorite books right now are Good Night SLC and Clifford's First Easter. Kate loves playing peek-a-boo and this-little-piggie. Her favorite toys include her star stacker, musical instruments, stacking cups, empty yogurt containers, her play kitchen, Mr. Crab, pulling books off her bookshelf, and playing with the dishwasher. She also loves to try and go through our recycling and loves grabbing things from inside the fridge when it's open.

To celebrate I think we'll head to Utah!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Bridges of Madison County

We had another fun week doing two more activities on our Summer Fun To Do list! Tim took an afternoon off so we could head to the historic covered bridges of Madison County.  Although neither of us have read or seen the movie we were excited to go check them out. These bridges were built in the 1880's and because the timber they used on the bottom was so valuable they decided to protect it by covering them. Apparently there used to be a total of 19 covered bridges but now only six remain- with five of the six being original.  Since they are historic and are only wide enough for one way traffic you are now only allowed to walk through them. We had a great time discovering more of what Iowa has to offer. We also got to see the home and birth place of John Wayne as well as check out this really cool tower in Winterset's City Park.

Then, this past weekend we headed up to North Liberty for their Summer Fun Days! The carnival was really small and kind of a disappointment but the tiny small-town parade was awesome complete with tractors!

Kate and I are off to Utah tomorrow! Super excited!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Family Fun Saturday

We had a super fun Saturday! We finally made it up to the Devonian Fossil Gorge where we saw fossils of marine life that were about 375 million-year-old. Apparently after major flooding back in 1993 these fossils were discovered. It was pretty cool!  It was a beautiful day...we enjoyed our little rock adventure, had a picnic, and then headed downtown for the Art Festival!