Saturday, May 12, 2012

The BIG Day

I know I keep saying it...but gosh...I just can't believe our little baby is now 1 year old! I took a lot of pictures to document this special occasion..see below :)

It was a special day totally dedicated to celebrating Kate! We had a lot of fun at her party and are grateful for some sweet friends that came to celebrate! Kate really enjoyed opening her presents and was not really interested in eating any of her cake. She just poked at it a bit and finally decided to spread a little of the frosting on her legs. 

It was sad to not have our families here to celebrate. We really missed you!  Thank you for the fun gifts that you sent. Kate is one lucky girl! 

I had a lot of fun prepping for the party. It was rainbow themed. We just had a bunch of brightly colored decorations and I made this fun rainbow layered cake that turned out awesome! We also had frozen yogurt with rainbow colored fruit toppings.

It really was a great day! Kate had a lot of fun and we sure are grateful she is our sweet little girl! We love you Kate!

Birthday week fun


  1. Happy Birthday Kate! Sorry we couldn't make it to the celebration. :(

  2. I'm so sad we missed it! It looks like it was a blast! Happy Birthday Kate!