Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Dress

I have so many memories of looking for the perfect annual Easter dress! I can picture just about every one I ever got. My mom and grandma loved searching for the perfect dress (I have three older brothers so when I came along I wore pretty much only pink and frills). I originally wanted to make Kate her first Easter dress but just ran out of time! Fortunately, my mom still loves picking out dresses, now for her grand-daughters, and found this darling one for Kate. We were so glad to be feeling better this Sunday and finally got to wear it! Thanks Mom!


  1. Cute dress! Cute Kate! Cute Mama!

  2. cute cute cute! I love Easter dresses so much. You are so ambitious to want to make one Hayley! Good for you. I'm glad Kate's feeling better. There is truly not much worse than having a sick kid.

  3. What a beautiful precious girl. Love the dress. Are grandparents wonderful?