Thursday, March 1, 2012

Saturday Family Fun

So Tim studies a lot! He even studies on Saturday. But fortunately just in the morning so we are able to  be together in the afternoon. We have started making sure we get out and do something fun as a family each Saturday afternoon! We've done some pretty cool stuff...this past Saturday we decided to take a drive and visit Lake McBride and check out the Coralville Lake dam. We saw a bunch of deer and checked out some spots were we can go have fun once it's a bit warmer (camping, boats, etc). Although it was a little cold after awhile Kate was ready to be out of her car seat so we stopped by this cute little dock and had fun throwing rocks out on the ice, breaking through in places and in others watching our rocks bounce. Later that night Tim and I were able to get dressed up and attend the medical schools annual Crista Gala What a great Saturday! Looking forward to many more to come!


  1. Okay... um where are the pictures from the Crista Gala???

  2. Love the pic of Kate pointing her toes :) And I am so glad you guys get to do fun things each week! Looks like a beautiful place!!!

  3. Soon you'll be able to spend every Saturday at Costco!!!