Thursday, March 22, 2012

Utah Here We Come!

Kate and I are going home for a little trip! Kate is very excited (see picture). Actually I just had to post this pic so you could see all 5 of Kate's cute little teeth!

I'm looking forward to seeing a few friends, helping my mom, enjoying time with the family, eating at Cafe Rio and La Puente, checking out the new City Creek Shopping Center in downtown SLC, going to see Hunger Games, and meeting my new niece and nephew that were born this week. The timing has worked out perfectly so we could meet Emily (my brother Jeff's little girl) and baby boy Bahr (Tim's brother's little one).  Aside from a little trip to Florida for a conference, poor Tim is stuck here just studying. Utah here we come!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Wisconsin Dells, WI

Spring break is over. Boo-hoo! I'll admit I am pretty sad that Tim is back to the med school grind. Kate and I got spoiled having him around all the time. Although who am I to complain?!  We had an amazing week! The midwest has been experiencing record breaking heat so we made sure to spend as much time outside as possible. We've been in the high 70's, low 80's all week which was wonderful for long walks, bocce and enjoying our backyard, and even doing some yard work.

We also had a short little getaway up to Wisconsin Dells, WI. As Spring Break approached we hadn't made any plans. Tim had had Spring Break in Colorado but I was always working so we wanted to be sure to take advantage of this opportunity but also didn't want to spend too much.  One of the beauties of Iowa is that there are many cooler, big cities all within about a 4 hour drive. Some friends in our ward were headed up to "The Dells" and encouraged us to come we did. Thanks Smith family!

The Dells is a popular midwest tourist destination known for its many indoor and outdoor waterparks. They actually proclaim it as the "Waterpark Capital of the World." It is a funny little city, it reminded me of a mini-wannabe Las Vegas. It is a total tourist trap complete with a Ripley's Believe it or Not, magic shows, and other crazy stuff. Our friend Matt found an awesome deal at the Mt. Olympus Resort. With a one night stay we got 2 days admission to the indoor waterpark (the outdoor wasn't open even though the weather almost was nice enough), indoor amusement park and the outdoor go-karts. Kate loved splashing in the water and enjoyed her first teacup ride and waterslide. Tim loved racing the go-carts, and I just being together and getting away. Not to mention adding a new state to my places visited!

Monday, March 12, 2012

10 Months

Today was Kate's 10 month birthday! It is hard to believe she is really that old...time needs to slow down! She is going to be 1 year before we know it! With Tim on Spring Break and the weather being so warm we had a great day including an afternoon stroll, bocce in the park for FHE, and having brownies to celebrate.

Let's see...Kate is just so much fun. She is always making us laugh and is always smiling and laughing.  Her 6th tooth is about to poke through. She still loves her play vegetables, purse, and drink cozies but has taken a particular liking to her star stacker, balls, and credit cards lately. She loves being chased by her Daddy in her round-about, loves eating real people food, and enjoys standing up against the couch or foot rest...but still no crawling. She love story time at the library and waving to everyone at the grocery store. She is growing up that is for sure!

Fun Here We Come

It's not just Tim who's excited for Spring Break...We are looking forward to a lot of family time, fun, relaxation, and a little trip up to Wisconsin Dells, WI!

PS Check out Kate's 5 teeth in this pic!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pink Shoes

What little (or big) girl doesn't love pink shoes?!  Kate has been fortunate to have some pretty dang cute shoes (most of which have been pink)...however, I've had the hardest time keeping any of them on her little feet. But I think things are about to change...

We got these shoes as a gift from a girl I worked with in Colorado. I particular loved them because they reminded me of a pair of pink high-top Converse shoes I had as a little girl. I've been waiting a long time for these to finally fit! They look oh so cute and the best part with the actual shoe laces these ones  might actually stay on! 

I'm not the only one excited about these shoes! 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Saturday Family Fun

So Tim studies a lot! He even studies on Saturday. But fortunately just in the morning so we are able to  be together in the afternoon. We have started making sure we get out and do something fun as a family each Saturday afternoon! We've done some pretty cool stuff...this past Saturday we decided to take a drive and visit Lake McBride and check out the Coralville Lake dam. We saw a bunch of deer and checked out some spots were we can go have fun once it's a bit warmer (camping, boats, etc). Although it was a little cold after awhile Kate was ready to be out of her car seat so we stopped by this cute little dock and had fun throwing rocks out on the ice, breaking through in places and in others watching our rocks bounce. Later that night Tim and I were able to get dressed up and attend the medical schools annual Crista Gala What a great Saturday! Looking forward to many more to come!