Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cruisin' Kate

So before Kate was even born I knew I wanted this particular activity station...I had saved our Babies R Us gift cards (that were so generously given) so when Kate was old enough and we had moved to Iowa we could get it.  When Kate was about 4 months old the time had come...I went to get one only to find out that Babies R Us was no longer carrying it. I was devastated! I spent a lot of time looking into our options and finally told Tim I thought we'd just have to buy it. It is the only activity station thing where the baby can walk around it rather than just spin in place...At the time I probably sounded ridiculous but after watching Kate go around-and-around I am sure glad we figured out a way to get it.  A huge thanks to my  sister-in-law who offered to buy our gift cards from us. Thanks Ann!

Kate has really enjoyed it but it wasn't until after Christmas she was starting to get a hang of moving. Now she has she gotten really good and is cruisin'! She absolutely loves it! Take a look...


  1. Wow, she's speedy! I think that thing is totally worth all the grief trying to find one--it's awesome! I wish they had stuff like that for grown-ups...

  2. That does look like one fantastic toy...
    Also, I am so excited to hear that you are getting a Costco, congratulations!!!