Monday, February 13, 2012

9 months!

It's hard to believe that our little baby turned nine months yesterday! I felt like this "birthday" was especially significant given that she was growing in my tummy for 9 months too!  To celebrate we went to the University of Iowa Natural History Museum (like BYU's Bean Museum) on Saturday and decorated Valentine sugar cookies on Sunday.

Kate continues to grow and grow. She is getting so big and more grown up everyday. Let's see...Kate's favorites include running around her round-about, shaking her head, Daddy's glasses, dancing to music, patty cake, playing with her play fruits and veggies, eating bananas and Cheerios, brushing her teeth, walking as we hold her hands (still no crawling), and grabbing and holding these can cozies (It's so funny, she absolutely loves them! See picture below). be honest she doesn't have too many...beans, eating under my nursing cover at church, and going out for walks when the sun is shining but it's really cold...oops! Happy 9 month birthday Kate!


  1. Cute Baby! Keep posting. We love the pics!

  2. 9 Months! Time is flying! She is as cute as ever!