Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our Little Mermaid?

We had another a big first for Kate yesterday...Kate's first visit to the swimming pool! I can't believe we waited almost 9 months! For Family Home Evening we went to the University leisure pool and then out for yummy pistachio yogurt at a new yogurt place called Yotopia (like Red Mango)! We had so much fun at the pool and Kate actually really enjoyed it. The water was a bit cooler than I would have hoped, but Kate was tough and didn't let that stop her from having fun. I think we have a future fish on our hands :) They have a 0-depth entry which was really nice for Kate. She loved just sitting down in the water and was splashing like crazy and babbling the whole time. Not to mention she was the cutest girl there in her cute little suit! I tried to post the video but I took it with our camera vertically so I am trying to find a way to rotate it...sorry!

Oh and just so you know...today I had a surprise visitor at my door...a friendly Coralville police officer! Our neighbor called the cops on us! That's right! Crazy Ralph, our 85+ year old neighbor, claimed we had stolen his house keys! Fortunately for us the police know he is crazy...


  1. Hayley! I just found your blog, thanks to Wendy. Yes, I vote she was the cutest little kid there, although I can't see any of the others. But it is not possible that any of the others could be cuter, so I think I'm safe.

  2. oh my gosh! I can't believe you stole that guys house keys! just kidding. That guy is nuts! I'm glad the cops new he was crazy for your sake. :) I agree with Camber, Kate was by far the cutest kid at the pool. And you guys were the cutest parents. :)

  3. She seriously IS the cutest little mermaid! That looks like so much fun. I am so glad you guys make time to do these fun things together even though Tim is a busy beaver. And that's crazy about your neighbor! haha.