Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chicago, IL

Tim had Martin Luther King Day off from school and really wanted to go do something fun. Tim looked on hotwire and suggested a trip to The Windy City. I was a little hesitant knowing how cold it could be and I worried about the roads. But after examining the weather and knowing that what we  wanted to do would be inside on Saturday afternoon we decided we just couldn't miss this opportunity. Tim and I had been dying to go visit the Art Institute!

We packed up the car and after paying over $12 in tolls we made it to our cool hotel on the Magnificent Mile. We enjoyed just walking around and checking out the city, and even went up the Hancock Tower to check out the view.

Thanks to my big brother Steve, the art history enthusiast, and my parents, I grew up visiting art museums. I had actually been to the Art Institute twice before this trip but had forgotten just how awesome it is. And I was so excited to go with Tim. We absolutely loved the museum and I am just so impressed with their collection. Kate enjoyed it too...although playing with her socks and babbling and watching all the people was even more fun!

We did get a famous Chicago-style pizza and also saw the famous silver Bean in Millenium Park. The weather was great and we even made in home just about 1 hour before the snow started to fall in Iowa. I am so glad we went! There is so much more we wanted to see but there just wasn't enough time on this little trip. We will certainly be planning another trip...
Not so sure Kate enjoyed our evening was cold!
The view from the 93rd floor ladies bathroom of the Hancock Tower 

The Bean

Kate learning to appreciate art!

For my brother Steve
Eating  our pizza at Giordano's


  1. I still can't believe you're getting a Costco...I am just so happy for you.