Thursday, January 12, 2012

8 months

To celebrate Kate's 8 month birthday the weather decided to change and hit us with the first big storm of the season...and let me tell isn't a very nice present. With the wind and humidity it is awfully cold. We will just be staying inside when it snows!

But aside from our unfortunate weather...we have had a great day! It's hard to believe our little munchkin is growing up so fast. Kate is loving all of her Christmas presents and absolutely loves the tree and ornaments! With just getting back on Sunday I haven't had the heart to take down the tree yet. It is so cute to see her play with her toys under it.

 Here's a few things about her right now...Kate has gotten so good at grabbing everything and bending over. She also started to clap and wave while we were out in Utah. She is not interested in trying to crawl or scoop but is happy and content to just sit.  She loves to babble dadadadadad and all sorts of funny things. She loves drinking water from her cup and also loves to drink with a straw. But now does not like to have her face wiped off. She loves eating solids and her favorite is carrots but she's also is really liking yogurt right now.  Oh and she nows weighs almost 16 1/2 pounds. Happy 8 month Birthday Kate!


  1. Cute boots Kate :)
    You are such a cute little 8 month old! Hopefully the cold doesn't last too long and you can go out and play soon!

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  3. I am surprised that you let her munch on carrots at her age, they seem like a choking hazard to me... And is yogurt really a "solid"?