Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our Little Mermaid?

We had another a big first for Kate yesterday...Kate's first visit to the swimming pool! I can't believe we waited almost 9 months! For Family Home Evening we went to the University leisure pool and then out for yummy pistachio yogurt at a new yogurt place called Yotopia (like Red Mango)! We had so much fun at the pool and Kate actually really enjoyed it. The water was a bit cooler than I would have hoped, but Kate was tough and didn't let that stop her from having fun. I think we have a future fish on our hands :) They have a 0-depth entry which was really nice for Kate. She loved just sitting down in the water and was splashing like crazy and babbling the whole time. Not to mention she was the cutest girl there in her cute little suit! I tried to post the video but I took it with our camera vertically so I am trying to find a way to rotate it...sorry!

Oh and just so you know...today I had a surprise visitor at my door...a friendly Coralville police officer! Our neighbor called the cops on us! That's right! Crazy Ralph, our 85+ year old neighbor, claimed we had stolen his house keys! Fortunately for us the police know he is crazy...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Crazy for Cucumbers

Kate loves cucumbers...well... she loves her stuffed cucumber! My parents gave Kate the cutest play fruits and vegetables for Christmas. Kate absolutely loves them and maybe its the dietitian in me or something but I just can't get over how cute she looks playing with them. I almost feel proud or something...I'm crazy I know. Kate enjoys picking them up, sucking on them, and throwing each one but she has her favorites- the green onion, the garlic, and the cucumber. And the cucumber is definitely by far the top favorite! Kate insists on holding on tight and carrying it everywhere and has even become a bit possessive.  We haven't tried real cucumbers yet...but it makes me wonder will this fascination continue? Will cucumbers beat out her current favorite  (to eat) carrots? We will see. Time will only tell :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chicago, IL

Tim had Martin Luther King Day off from school and really wanted to go do something fun. Tim looked on hotwire and suggested a trip to The Windy City. I was a little hesitant knowing how cold it could be and I worried about the roads. But after examining the weather and knowing that what we  wanted to do would be inside on Saturday afternoon we decided we just couldn't miss this opportunity. Tim and I had been dying to go visit the Art Institute!

We packed up the car and after paying over $12 in tolls we made it to our cool hotel on the Magnificent Mile. We enjoyed just walking around and checking out the city, and even went up the Hancock Tower to check out the view.

Thanks to my big brother Steve, the art history enthusiast, and my parents, I grew up visiting art museums. I had actually been to the Art Institute twice before this trip but had forgotten just how awesome it is. And I was so excited to go with Tim. We absolutely loved the museum and I am just so impressed with their collection. Kate enjoyed it too...although playing with her socks and babbling and watching all the people was even more fun!

We did get a famous Chicago-style pizza and also saw the famous silver Bean in Millenium Park. The weather was great and we even made in home just about 1 hour before the snow started to fall in Iowa. I am so glad we went! There is so much more we wanted to see but there just wasn't enough time on this little trip. We will certainly be planning another trip...
Not so sure Kate enjoyed our evening stroll...it was cold!
The view from the 93rd floor ladies bathroom of the Hancock Tower 

The Bean

Kate learning to appreciate art!

For my brother Steve
Eating  our pizza at Giordano's

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Happy Day

There's been a lot of talk about it but I haven't wanted to get my hopes up- But today after a friend told me I drove by to see for myself...Costco really is coming! I have no idea when it is scheduled to open, but I do know that there is large warehouse just one exit from my house that says this (see picture above)!

I am thrilled! How ironic that just on Sunday as we drove to church I was telling Tim how much happier I would be if we had a Costco here :)

Also...we just got back from a fun little trip to Chicago...pictures to come!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

8 months

To celebrate Kate's 8 month birthday the weather decided to change and hit us with the first big storm of the season...and let me tell you...it isn't a very nice present. With the wind and humidity it is awfully cold. We will just be staying inside when it snows!

But aside from our unfortunate weather...we have had a great day! It's hard to believe our little munchkin is growing up so fast. Kate is loving all of her Christmas presents and absolutely loves the tree and ornaments! With just getting back on Sunday I haven't had the heart to take down the tree yet. It is so cute to see her play with her toys under it.

 Here's a few things about her right now...Kate has gotten so good at grabbing everything and bending over. She also started to clap and wave while we were out in Utah. She is not interested in trying to crawl or scoop but is happy and content to just sit.  She loves to babble dadadadadad and all sorts of funny things. She loves drinking water from her cup and also loves to drink with a straw. But now does not like to have her face wiped off. She loves eating solids and her favorite is carrots but she's also is really liking yogurt right now.  Oh and she nows weighs almost 16 1/2 pounds. Happy 8 month Birthday Kate!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Trip to Utah

It's hard to believe our 3 week trip to Utah is now over. So sad! After 3 weeks of fun we are now back in Iowa and adjusting back to real life. Tim started school again on Monday and is moving ahead full throttle. Kate and I have been taking it easy, unpacking, and running errands.

Christmas was absolutely wonderful! It was so nice to be home in Utah with our families! We had a great time filled with fun activities. We enjoying spending time with our families, visiting with some old friends, eating yummy food, watching movies, and even went on a few dates- ice skating, going to a BYU basketball game, and going to the Temple.  Everyone was extremely generous with their wonderful gifts and their time. Thank you so much! We sure had a wonderful time visiting and can't wait to come back!

Here are a few pictures from the past few weeks...

Happy girl on the plane 
Future Dr. Tim with his stethoscope and my niece Anna
Ice Skating at the Gallivan Center 
Kate's first Temple Square Experience
We met up with my brother Bob and his family 
Christmas morning...playing with presents from Grandma  and Grandpa
Having fun with cousin Paisley
Awesome gingerbread house at the Grand America 
I love going to Olympic Cauldron Park...they have the most awesome video there...if you are in SLC and haven't seen it you really should go check it out!