Sunday, December 18, 2011

Early Christmas in Iowa

Instead of packing our gifts to Utah and then hauling them back to Iowa we decided to have our own early Christmas before we headed out. So Saturday was Christmas morning at the Bahr home. We all got some pretty great presents, some fun surprises, and of course in true baby fashion- Kate's favorite part was trying to eat the wrapping and ribbons (see above)! We had a very sweet morning. We are so grateful for our dear Kate. We have sure been blessed this year!

We are off to Utah tomorrow...Yipee! Let's enjoy this week before the big day. Yummy Christmas treats, family, friends, and good times here we come :)

Merry Christmas! Here's to enjoying the season!

The night before "Christmas"
Our tree complete with presents underneath

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lucky 7

Yesterday was Kate's 7 month birthday! This little gal keeps getting bigger and bigger! Kate is such a happy girl and is developing more every day. We have so much fun together.

Kate has definitely mastered sitting up but isn't ready for crawling. She is loving Christmas...the music, the lights, and especially the Christmas tree because she loves pulling on the ornaments and grabbing the presents with bows and gnawing on the boxes. Christmas time is so much more fun with Kate around!

Happy 7 month birthday baby Kate! Can't wait to open presents!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

This past week we got a tiny taste of how cold Iowa can be...we were out on Friday night and seriously I thought my nose might fall off. The wind chill and humidity make a huge difference. We definitely have to bundle up when we go out (See Kate above)!

The countdown for our Utah departure is well on its way...we're down to 7 days! Christmas will be here before we know it. We are enjoying the lights, the music, the movies, the food, and the good times! Hope you are too!

Monday, December 5, 2011

'Tis the Season

Oh how I love the Christmas Season! I love everything about it! This weekend we made some real progress on our Christmas To Do list! I can't believe it is already the fifth of December...oh my...we still have so much fun to do. Fortunately, our tree is trimmed, the village is set up, and I only have one more present I need to purchase. 

We had the best weekend! Saturday was especially fun beginning with going out to breakfast, Christmas shopping at the mall (Kate met Santa), and then Tim and I went on a date to the College of Medicine Ice Skating and Broom Ball activity.

 It really is the most wonderful time of the year!!
Annual Bahr Family Christmas Shopping Excursion

Tim was the city planner this year for our village 

I especially love hanging each of our special ornaments

Thursday, December 1, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

We had the most wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! After finding out Tim got a whole week off we knew we just had to go home to Utah! Tim said he knew that we would go home for Thanksgiving but I on the other hand did not since we would be going for Christmas. Kate and I left a week early to have some extra time and then Tim joined us after he finished up his classes. It was a great trip full of family, fun, and great food. My favorite activities included, but are not limited to:

1. Just being home and spending time with our families
2. Kate mastering how to sit up by herself!
3. Baking day with my Mom the day before Thanksgiving.
    We made 7 different kinds of pie this year!
4. Meeting the new babies: cousin Ellie, Austin, and James
    (Tim's sister had a girl and two of my dearest friends had boys all at the end of October)
5. Shopping and running errands with my Mom
6. Playing games like Uno and CandyLand with my nieces and nephews
7. Seeing Kate with her grandparents and cousins
9. Going to eat at Cafe Rio, La Puente, and In-n-Out
9. Looking out my parents front windows at Mt. Olympus...I miss the beautiful mountains
10. Checking out the new Natural History Museum in Salt Lake

I hope each of you had a great Thanksgiving too! Let the holiday season begin!!

I took a lot of just a few highlights...
First flight...Kate did awesome!
Sleeping on the flight from Chicago to SLC. We were lucky to have an empty seat next to me.
Celebrating Kate's 6 month birthday...notice the candle is only half a one :)
Meeting Baby James
Playing games on Thanksgiving 
Enjoying the Museum
Look at me...I can sit up all by myself!