Monday, October 17, 2011

Nauvoo With the Tarullo's

When we decided to move to Denver I was grateful that my second cousin Dave and his wife Cara lived in Aurora. Growing up Dave and his family lived in Colorado and he was just enough older than me that when his family came to visit I was too busy playing with his little sisters to get to know him. So although we didn't know each other very well were excited to already have some friends. After two years of living in Aurora together we became good friends.

Both Tim and Dave finished school in Aurora in May and be all headed east to find our new homes in the midwest. Dave and Cara moved to Kansas City, MO for his ER Residency while we headed to Iowa. Before leaving Colorado we talked about meeting up in Nauvoo...and this past weekend we did it! We enjoyed catching up on each others lives, seeing the sites of Nauvoo and watching each others child(ren) so we could each go to the temple. It was a great weekend! Thanks Cara and Dave!

Our little cabin we stayed in at Camp Nauvoo
While Tim's grandparents served a mission in Nauvoo, his grandpa worked at the Brick Yard
On the way home we had to stop to feed Kate and I thought we better snap a pic...good ol' Iowa corn 


  1. Cute pictures and fun trip! Thanks for keeping us all updated on your adventures and your growing little beauty Kater Skater. We love you!--Ann & Adam

  2. We're envious--wish we could've joined you. Looks like you had a really fun trip! :)