Monday, October 10, 2011

Grandma was here!

This past week was the very best... my Mom was here! We had so much fun! I enjoyed showing her Iowa City and loved seeing her with Kate. We had fun shopping, eating and making yummy food, picking pumpkins, going to the historic Amana Colonies and more.
Thank you Mom for coming and for all the fun!

At the Amana Colonies
Picking pumpkins

Tim took us to see the picture of my Grandpa Sokol in the hospital (U of I Med School Class of 1940)
Oh and did I mention Kate rolled over on September 30th. Such a big girl!


  1. now that she's mobile the real fun begins.

  2. Grandma's are the best! So glad you got to have a fun time with your mom. And way to go Kate! She is becoming such a big girl... Thanksgiving can't come soon enough, Paisley is itching for a playdate!!!