Friday, October 14, 2011

A Beautiful Day

Have I mentioned how beautiful Iowa is in the Fall? Don't get me wrong I sorely miss our drives up the canyons but I am happy to say Iowa's Fall is pretty awesome too. The corn is now dried up but still quite a sight. And the colors here are fantastic. We have had the most amazing weather the past month. Last week was actually a bit too warm for October but it certainly made for awesome weather to go out and see the Fall leaves. After some strong winds and a lot of rain the weather has changed a bit and our beautiful leaves are now on the ground. This morning Kate and I bundled up a bit to go on one of our favorite walks over the Iowa River Dam Bridge. It's not too far from our little house so it's perfect for a little outing. The bridge is fun and Kate loves the fenced in dog park where she can watching the doggies! Here are a few pics.

Kate and Sophie 

Just wanted to put this pic up too. She loves playing with her feet :)

OH AND BIG NEWS...we thought it might happen but she has been so happy we didn't think it could be too close... but this morning I saw it...a little bit of white coming through her bottom gum. Our baby is growing up- she has a tooth! She has been chewing on stuff like crazy but I thought we would know when she was teething. She is just such a good girl that we didn't even notice. I will try and snap a pic but it might not turn out too great. We are off to Nauvoo to spend the weekend with some old friends. Happy Friday!

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