Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween from our Little Lady (Bug)

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween! We had fun getting in the Halloween spirit beginning with our ward party on Saturday where Kate experienced her first Trunk or Treat...well it was more just visiting each car and letting Dad snag a few candies. Then tonight after our first and only 4 trick-o-treaters came we headed over to some friends for a yummy Halloween dinner.

Kate was the cutest lady bug while Tim was the Orkin man plotting her destruction while I sought to save her as a bug catcher. It was fun dressing up Kate and seeing her smile as I sang "I'm a mean old witch with a hat and I drive on my broom with my cat..." to her all day :) Do you remember that song?! It's a good one. Oh and Tim's sister had her baby today...we can't wait to meet baby Ellie when we come out for Thanksgiving.

Oh and here are two other pics from earlier last week...

Monday, October 24, 2011

Grandma B's Visit

We have been so lucky to have so many visitors this October! Tim's mom, Kim, came this past weekend for a visit. We had so much fun shopping, going to check out the Children's Museum in Coralville, visiting a pumpkin patch, and showing her around Iowa City. Thanks Kim for all the fun!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Can You See It?

 So it's not so easy trying to take a picture of Kate's little tooth...but you can kind of see it...we'll keep trying for a better one :) The other front bottom tooth is about to pop up too. Man oh man, she's growing up!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Nauvoo With the Tarullo's

When we decided to move to Denver I was grateful that my second cousin Dave and his wife Cara lived in Aurora. Growing up Dave and his family lived in Colorado and he was just enough older than me that when his family came to visit I was too busy playing with his little sisters to get to know him. So although we didn't know each other very well were excited to already have some friends. After two years of living in Aurora together we became good friends.

Both Tim and Dave finished school in Aurora in May and be all headed east to find our new homes in the midwest. Dave and Cara moved to Kansas City, MO for his ER Residency while we headed to Iowa. Before leaving Colorado we talked about meeting up in Nauvoo...and this past weekend we did it! We enjoyed catching up on each others lives, seeing the sites of Nauvoo and watching each others child(ren) so we could each go to the temple. It was a great weekend! Thanks Cara and Dave!

Our little cabin we stayed in at Camp Nauvoo
While Tim's grandparents served a mission in Nauvoo, his grandpa worked at the Brick Yard
On the way home we had to stop to feed Kate and I thought we better snap a pic...good ol' Iowa corn 

Friday, October 14, 2011

A Beautiful Day

Have I mentioned how beautiful Iowa is in the Fall? Don't get me wrong I sorely miss our drives up the canyons but I am happy to say Iowa's Fall is pretty awesome too. The corn is now dried up but still quite a sight. And the colors here are fantastic. We have had the most amazing weather the past month. Last week was actually a bit too warm for October but it certainly made for awesome weather to go out and see the Fall leaves. After some strong winds and a lot of rain the weather has changed a bit and our beautiful leaves are now on the ground. This morning Kate and I bundled up a bit to go on one of our favorite walks over the Iowa River Dam Bridge. It's not too far from our little house so it's perfect for a little outing. The bridge is fun and Kate loves the fenced in dog park where she can watching the doggies! Here are a few pics.

Kate and Sophie 

Just wanted to put this pic up too. She loves playing with her feet :)

OH AND BIG NEWS...we thought it might happen but she has been so happy we didn't think it could be too close... but this morning I saw it...a little bit of white coming through her bottom gum. Our baby is growing up- she has a tooth! She has been chewing on stuff like crazy but I thought we would know when she was teething. She is just such a good girl that we didn't even notice. I will try and snap a pic but it might not turn out too great. We are off to Nauvoo to spend the weekend with some old friends. Happy Friday!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

5 months old

Happy 5 month birthday to Kate! It's hard to believe sitting up and starting cereal are on the horizon. Oh geez! These days Kate enjoys trying to roll over, making clicking sounds with her mouth, playing with her tongue, trying to eat her books, and sucking her toes. She is just the cutest girl and continues to be an absolute joy.

We sure love our baby Kate!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Grandma was here!

This past week was the very best... my Mom was here! We had so much fun! I enjoyed showing her Iowa City and loved seeing her with Kate. We had fun shopping, eating and making yummy food, picking pumpkins, going to the historic Amana Colonies and more.
Thank you Mom for coming and for all the fun!

At the Amana Colonies
Picking pumpkins

Tim took us to see the picture of my Grandpa Sokol in the hospital (U of I Med School Class of 1940)
Oh and did I mention Kate rolled over on September 30th. Such a big girl!