Friday, September 9, 2011

Hard Work

"It's hard work having this much fun!"

Have you ever heard that before? Well Kate sure has...  So I laid Kate in her play gym this morning to play and she was having a ball of a time. I decided since she was so happy I'd jumped in the shower. I was seriously in there for 5 maybe 7 minutes. When I got out to check on her here is what i tuckered out little lady!

She sure knows how to have a good time! Despite the "serious" warnings on the tag of the gym, I just put a blanket over her and let her take her nap.

Happy Weekend!  Hope it's restful :)


  1. such a pretty sleeping baby girl. Wish we could be there to snuggle her. I'm pretty sure that was a safe place to leave her to sleep. silly play gym tags..... :)

  2. so precious! Can't wait till we get to see her (and you guys) in November!!