Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy 1/3 of a Year!

Today is Kate's 4 month birthday!  It hard to believe this little lady is is really 4 months old. That's a third of a year! Wow, how time flies. It is so fun watching her grow and develop. We are loving her laughs, smiles, and jabbering. Here are some pics from the photo shoot this morning...sorry, no smiles.  When the camera comes out, the smiles disappear...maybe someday.
I guess you'll just have to come visit to see the smiles :)

Everything goes right to her mouth!

 Oh and look at this big girl- she is getting so good at tummy time- head up and even on her forearms!


  1. What a pretty little lady! Four months is when I really started to enjoy my babies! All of a sudden they start to realize they exist and live in the world and are very interested in it. So much fun all the fun things they start to do.

  2. so CUTE! Love that little dress and headband--isn't it so fun to dress up little girls? :) We love and miss you and wish we could see those smiles firsthand!