Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hamburg Inn No. 2

After the rain ruined our plans to go to this local orchard to pick apples for FHE we decided to go try the famous pie shakes at the Hamburg Inn with our good friends the Lowes! The Hamburg Inn is one of Iowa's most famous restaurants and a must visit when coming to Iowa City. It is actually pretty much a diner dive but they have quite the reputation. They have been visited by many politicians and candidates and its a must "Meet the People Stop" for all campaigns. Ronald Regan, Clinton, Obama and many others have made the stop. They even have a plaque next to the table Regan sat at. Pretty cool! They make a mean pork tenderloin and have killer pie shakes. When you come visit we'll take you there :) 

Things are going well for us...Tim is very busy studying but is loving school. Kate is so cute and I am starting a book club in my ward. We are looking forward to General Conference and my Mom is coming to visit...I can't wait!

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