Monday, August 15, 2011

Time for a Name Change

Seeing that we left Colorado in June and have now been in Iowa for 13 days (and will be here for the next 4 years) we thought it is about time for a name change... thus... our photolog is now "Makin' it in the Midwest."

Tim has orientation this week and med school classes will begin on the 22nd. So we have been making every minute count and decided we needed to get out and see what Iowa has to offer...

 Last Friday to celebrate Kate's 3 month birthday we went to downtown Iowa City for their annual "Sand in the City" event. Groups compete to sculpt the best design out of large quantities of sand. We had fun exploring downtown a bit more and saw some pretty awesome sculptures.

Then on Saturday we went to the IOWA STATE FAIR! Do you know what a big deal the fair is out here in Iowa? It is absolutely huge! The fair grounds are enormous. There is no way to even begin to see it all. The number of visitors is insane.  We saw a lot of cool stuff, ate some fun fair food, and had a great time. We loved it and definitely plan to make this a tradition.

There were a bunch of old tractors at the Fair
Tim's favorite part of the fair--riding in a steam-powered tractor
The crowds
The largest pumpkin (1295 lbs.)

The famous Butter Cow sculpture
Kate's first encounter with sheep
You better believe it!! We're in IOWA baby!
We just had to try one!
And... Kate is a big girl!  On her 3-month birthday she transitioned from her bassinet to the crib.  


  1. Cummon Hayley---you have to call it what it is--a BLOG! :) You even changed the name, and if it acts like a blog, looks like a blog, and is on blogspot, then it IS a blog! Cute pictures. Hope you guys a makin it in the midwest! we miss you.

  2. Cute post Hayley! Thanks for keeping us in the loop. I can't believe how big Kater Skater is getting. She is so cute. Glad you got to enjoy the state fair, Iowa style. :) We love you guys!
    Ann (& Adam)

  3. I have decided to call you Frankie since you now live in "the Middle". I hope that's okay.