Friday, August 12, 2011

3 months

Yipee we finally got internet!! Man after not having internet for a week you really realize how much we depend on it. I felt so disconnected. Anyway, we are now in business :)

Today is Kate's 3 month birthday! It's hard to believe she is already a quarter of a year old! Being her mom (and Tim being her dad) is so much fun. She is such a joy. She has the best smile and makes the cutest sounds. Kate's favorite thing right now are her hands. She has really discovered them and loves putting them in her mouth. Here are some good pics from the short 3 month photo shoot we had this morning.

We continue to work on organizing our little home. We pretty much just need to hang the pictures and organize the office a bit more. Here is a picture that shows how much fun Kate has had unpacking.  One minute she was kicking her legs and having fun, the next minute she was out.

Oh and last week we tried Kate in her Bumbo chair for the first time. Here is what she thought of it.

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  1. Love that smile in the last pic! She's one happy girl....I would be too if I were all done packing :) The new place looks great!