Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Last Week of February

Another Sunday selfie! 

Fun at the library!

We last minute met Tim for dinner at CFA and they had the balloon man there. The girls were thrilled. Henry got a blue dog, Millie got Elena and Kate asked for Saturn, the planet!

Haircuts for all happened this week too!

Trader Joe run with Henry. He always love pushing these carts but today was especially good. Maybe because Millie wasn't there too. I don't know. But every time he passed by someone he'd say "beep beep!" It was adorable.

Hanging out with friends after dance on Thursday. 

The kids all also had dentist appointments this week. We love playing at our dentists fun space-themed office. The girls did awesome. Millie was especially excited to show them how wide she could open her mouth! Henry hated it but fortunately is exam doesn't take long. And Kate got sealants on her 6-year old molars. We left with quite the stash of popsicles, balloons, chapstick, prizes and new toothbrushes of course. 

Some quite time fun for Millie

Saturday we went on a much needed family adventure to Montazuma's Castle National Monument. Another one of our AZ Bucket List items. Poor Tim worked until 6am Saturday morning. He came home and slept while the girls and I cleaned the church (Henry slept in) and then we hit the road. Tim got to sleep the whole way there and back so I think he was ok. We can't wait for this rotation of his is over! 
Montazuma's Castle was pretty awesome to see. Although the girls were very sad to not get to climb up and go inside. They did actually let people go inside until 1951. Kate especially loved completing her Junior Ranger activity booklet and was very pleased with her pin she received! It's always so nice to get out and adventure with my favorite people!

Then Saturday night we headed to the mall to check out Kate's piece of art that was selected to be in the district art show. It was actually a different piece than Kate expected so it took us a few minutes to find it, ha. So proud of our little artist! Saturday was a really good day! Yay for family time!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Third Week of February

We don't take too many Sunday selfies...But I sure love this one! And it was so nice to have Tim come to church with us. Henry has started bringing his own backpack to church. It's adorable!

 We put an offer in on a house on Saturday evening and found out Sunday evening our offer was accepted! Boo-yeah! We are so thrilled but can't quite believe it either. It's in the perfect location we were really hoping to be in but wasn't so sure we could get into. Our house is actually three streets below my parents house so we will in in their ward and can walk to Grandma and Papa's houyse! And our kids will attend the same schools I went to. My brother Bob's kids attend Upland Terrace too and Kate is so excited about the prospect of being in her cousin Bronson's class since they are both currently 1st graders. Here are a few pictures! We are just thrilled and can't wait to go up and see it. I did a facetime tour with our real estate agent and could tell we wanted it. Then my parents went over Monday and confirmed that we definitely wanted this house. It's a bit crazy that we haven't physically seen it but aren't concerned either. 

Monday we celebrated President's Day by going to the park with some friends from residency (the dads had to work but the wives and kids sure had fun).

Tuesday Kate's Littie Passport package arrived...sending us to Japan! They are always so fun to get. And I saw these Oreos at the store and just couldn't resist. And yep, I'm still watching a lot of Olympics each night! It's just too fun! And has been really nice to have one while Tim was been working nights all week. 

Tot Town on Wednesday with my favorite boy!

Miss Millie, the band aid queen. She fell off her bike and scraped her face decently. At one point this week she had 6 band-aids on (1 face, 1 knee, and then multiple on her fingers...she's really started biting her fingernails, ahh).

 A trip to the zoo on Thursday
 Then Friday was Kate's Field Day at school! We had so much fun watching her compete in all the various challenges like running long jump, standing long jump, softball throw, parachutes, 75 yard dash and a few others.

 Kate was ecstatic with her 2nd place finish in the 75 yard dash! 

 Kate and her best bud Ellis!

A sweet little picnic Millie prepped for us during Henry's nap.
Then Saturday was Kate's Spring Carnival at school! Talk about an exciting couple days. Tim was home sleeping so we left an also sleeping Henry at home and we had a blast. Kate's poster was on display which was fun! The girls loved bouncing on on the bouncy houses and Kate played the human hungry hungry hippo game which was a lot of fun to watch. 

I loved this picture I snagged of Kate reading her Book of Mormon out loud. She is such a great reader! And it was especially nice to have Tim home for bedtime even though he had to leave for work for his 10pm shift.