Monday, October 16, 2017

Second Week of October

These Saturdays and most of Sundays we've had this month with Tim have been so nice! We snapped this picture after playing hide-n-seek before Tim headed off to Portland, OR for an interview. 

We had a pretty standard week and I hardly took any pictures. Millie had her 4 year old well child check and Henry had his 18 month (he's technically 19 months) well child appt. Both kids had to get shots + flu shots and were real troopers. 

Tim got back from Dallas Friday night and we enjoyed the best family Saturday! We had brunch with some old friends from Iowa, the Duncans, and then enjoyed the most fun night at MacDonalds Ranch picking out some pumpkins, panning for gold, wondering through the hay maze and Kate was crazy fast at driving the pedal cars! Aside from the hot temps, it was a great Fall Day!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Amelia- 4 years

Oh how we love our Amelia! Millie is so much fun! She is sweet and helpful but also stubborn and feisty! She runs away from me (and needs her "kitties" aka her blankies) when she gets hurt rather than wanting to be comforted but then also needs lots of snuggles and hugs in the morning!  

She loves her big sister and I am overwhelmed with joy as I see them play together for hours at a time on the weekends and after Kate gets home from school. Millie loves going to her little preschool 2 mornings a week and I think it has been so good for her. Especially because how much we miss Kate.  She also adores Henry. In fact says she's going to marry him. But still struggles not wanting to let him play with her toys. Here are a few highlights:

  • A couple months ago was looking in the mirror and all of a sudden said, "I lost a tooth Mom!" She was so excited. That giant gap between her front teeth almost really does look like a tooth is missing. Cute girl!
  • Favorites include Elena of Avalor, Shimmer and Shine, Ariel, playing with Kate and with our new discovery of Star Wars, BB-8.
  • Can always be found wearing a dress up or tutu. Seriously! As soon as she gets home from preschool or our daily adventures, she's asking to get dressed up. But when I do make her wear normal clothes prefers dresses and skirts. 
  • Loves her tumbling class and teacher Ms. Suzy!
  • Loves her friends! I love how she will disappear upstairs when one of her buddies comes over to play.
  • Favorite toys Barbies and dolls, Magic Clips and Shimmer and Shine. She is the best little independent player and has an amazing imagination. She also really loves playdough. Swinging and riding her bike. 
  • Loves her Primary Teacher, Sis. Thomas, so much! 
  • Wants to be a doctor when she grows up just like Daddy! And plans to do her residency at Heart in the hand...PCH. Their lego is a hand with a palm shaped like a hand. She's always particularly loved PCH.
  • Goes to bed by 8pm and is usually up at 6:15-6:30am. Does occassionally fall asleep in the car on the way home from going to the zoo or Children's Museum. 
  • Is a great eater. Although sometimes lets her big sister influence her. We call Millie our carnivore. Her favorite foods are "bacon, meatballs, ham and lentils and beans." Favorite fruit are "juice apples" meaning granny smith apples and she loves edamame. 
  • Weighs 31.74 pounds (22%ile), height 37.75 inches (12%ile).

First Week of October

I was pretty bummed when I found out Friday night that Tim actually had to work on Sunday. I had thought he'd be home both Saturday and Sunday. But Sunday turned out to be a really nice day! The girls and I had the cinnamon rolls started before Henry woke up and they were on the pan rising waiting to go into the oven right as the morning session of Conference began.

Kate won our traditional conference run in between sessions and was very proud. The kids were amazing during the morning session and Henry's nap aligns perfectly during the afternoon session so I really got to listen and focus. It was so nice!

And then we headed down to the hospital to say hi to Tim before he took off for another couple interviews. I love this picture of the kids running to Tim! 
And we kicked off Millie's birthday week! Here's Millie holding her dollar that Tim's sweet aunt always sends each year!

Tuesday was a very big day...Henry got his first haircut (10/3/17). I wished I would have done it before we took family pictures but it just didn't happen. When I realized Tuesday morning how close one of those cute kids cut places with the cars was to our house we headed over. Henry was really excited about the car he got to sit in but when she put on the cap he hated it. Fortunately he calmed down and was pretty easily distracted by Mickey Mouse on the tv, some toys and watching another little boy get his hair cut. He looks SO grown up now. Boy is he handsome! And it's the cutest thing when Tim came home and was talking to him about it or now whenever we say hair he loves pulling on his hair and smiling. 

My eye, 2 weeks later. Looks remarkably good, huh?! 
Just some cute pics of sibling story time. Millie has this penguin book memorized and reads it to Henry after his nap every day!

Wednesday I got to go help in Kate's classroom. I didn't get into the classroom much last year and was determined to do so this year. A good friend and I have figured out a more regular swap and I'm so excited. I love seeing Kate in her classroom and love how much she loves having me there!
Wednesday night we opened presents from my parents. Millie is one lucky girl!!!

Then Thursday morning...HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY MILLIE!!! We opened presents before Tim took off and Millie asked to have brownies for breakfast so we made a little cake out of the brownie bites we had made!  Not only did Millie have an Elena of Avalor party with her friends but many many of the presents she received were Elena themed. Millie has been talking about getting this scepter since last Christmas. She was thrilled!

We then headed to the zoo with some friends to celebrate and check out the new dinosaur exhibit that opened this week. Since it was her birthday I let Millie bring her new Elena Barbie to the zoo. Henry made sure to take care of it for much of the trip :)

Millie also asked to go to Cafe Rio for her special birthday dinner. I was very happy to oblige! I'm planning to do a special 4 year old Millie update post...coming soon!

Library fun before heading to tumbling on Friday.

Friday morning I also received this picture of Kate from a friend. Turns out Kate is in a commercial for the Children's Museum. Months ago while we were at the museum there was someone snapping pictures for PR for the museum. They asked for permission and I said sure not really thinking much about it. Well they used one of them and now I've gotten a couple texts from friends saying I swear I just saw Kate on tv! My friend Chelsea was able to snap this shot of her tv. We have yet to see it. Pretty fun!
Then Saturday was the big birthday party! Millie of course wanted an Elena of Avalor party! So that's what she got! We encouraged friends to come dressed as a princess. I am pretty proud of which princess Kate chose to come as! We had the best time!!!

Millie loved her cake especially! I was so happy with how it turned out! I have been pretty intimidated with fondant. I have made it for small pieces (like cat ears, whiskers etc). But have not wanted to do cover a whole cake but knew it would look so good for Elena's dress. So I went for it. And sweet Tim wanted to help. So for our Friday night date after the kids went to bed we did it together! Oh and those pretzel rods are supposed to be scepters! 

For the party we colored Elena pictures while friends arrived. We decorated crowns, had story time, had to have a pinata! 

Happy birthday to our Elena loving 4 year old! We love you Millie!