Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Last Week of November

We typically decorate our tree the day after Thanksgiving but since we had company I elected to wait till Saturday after they left. I was able to get the tree out Saturday but we kind of just ran out of time so we didn't end up decorating it until Sunday. It is such a joy to unwrap each of our little ornaments. And although my tree is not one of those gorgeous coordinating ones I wouldn't have it any other way. Each ornament has a story attached to it whether from our vacations throughout the year to sweet homemade ones. 

 The best picture I could get of all three of them in front our Thankful Tree! I haven't had the heart to take it down yet. 
Henry got upgraded to a big towel. He loves his "new" duck towel!
Sunday night I got our Christmas village put up as well as finished getting out all the other decorations that we hadn't gotten out. The kids were especially excited to see the Rudolph nose and Snoopy.

Millie got to bring home the Letter Box from preschool. It was her job to collect items around our house that started with the letter G. We had so much fun gathering her stuff. 
Got pictures in the girls cute ornaments. 

Kate finishing up her painting in art class. 

Then after art on Tuesday we hurried down to the hospital to pick up Tim and headed to the zoo for ZooLights! Every year we decide to pick one bigger type Christmas activity (that costs a bit). Last year we loved going to this fancy hotel in Scottsdale and enjoy their lights and events going on. But they jacked up the price this year plus I've heard from so many people that the ZooLights are amazing that we decided to give it a try. And it did not disappoint. The zoo lights were awesome! Aside from all the lights and the cool light show on the big lagoon and also the sheer excitement of being at the zoo at night, the kids favorite was this talking giraffe and tortoise they had that would interact and answer kids questions. 

 We first stopped by to see Santa! The girls were SO SO excited! Henry on the other hand totally lost it until I took him back and Santa offered him a candy cane! I was super bummed... I had been told that they let you take pictures with your own camera...but they wouldn't. Tim snuck a few. 

And here's a picture of the one they took. So SO cute. Although not worth the $36 they wanted to charge me. 

Wednesday I got to go help in Kate's classroom, which is always a highlight for both me and Kate! I snagged this picture of everyone's little country reports and people. 

I should have known better than think I could put any Christmas ornament BALL on the tree! Henry has been actually really awesome with the tree. I was initially worried he would be pulling it over but he hasn't. Sure he likes pulling off some ornaments but mostly the ones that I put at the very bottom that I strategically put there. One night as I was cooking dinner though Henry brought me a large shard of broken ornament glass saying "un-oh ball" over and over again. 
Decorating paper gingerbread men. Kate had a little at home art project she needed to complete. So of course everyone else wanted in on it.

Just playing at the rec center courtyard after dance on Thursday.

Millie was so proud of her gingerbread (wo)men she made a preschool! Look at that smile!

I love my helper girl. SO excited to put our wreath on our front door.

Oh and these were on the end cap while we were shopping...I never should have bought them...they are so dang good. I can't stop eating them!

Friday we hit up the children's museum. Every time we go somewhere fun while Kate is at school I still miss her and feel a little bad.

 Friday was our ward Christmas party! The girls were excited once again to see Santa! 

Henry not so much! Poor guy!
 We had a really nice evening. The girls sang with the Primary. And Tim even made it for most of it! Then Saturday, after a tough week as Tim started his new rotation in the PICU, we enjoyed a really nice family day! Tim took the girls to the Home Depot workshop. We ended up having an impromptu lunch to Cafe Rio for lunch, enjoyed playing at home, I think I even snuck in a nap while Henry was napping and then we went to our rec center for a little Christmas "jubilee." It was a lot small of an event than I expected but we enjoyed some fun crafts, popcorn and hot cocoa and watched Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. Although we were super disappointed by Santa. See below. I mean come on. Millie couldn't believe "he" didn't have a beard and then Kate leaned over to me and said "and he's even a girl." Henry hated Santa all the same. 

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thanksgiving Week

We were so sad to let Grandma and Papa go back to Utah...but fortunately we had Thanksgiving Week to look forward to. Kate only had school Monday and Tuesday and Tim's sister, Ann, and her family came South for some sun and cousin time!!! 

I'm sure I've mentioned this but Kate's fascination and love of "repurposing" continues. Here is a cute cup and saucer she made. And here's Millie at the park. This weather is just too good! 

One day after school we stayed and let the kids play on the playground. We should do this more often. It's kind of a bummer here in Phoenix all the schools are fenced off so you cannot go play on the playgrounds on the weekends or after school. However, you can sneak in some play time right after school. 

Impromptu library visit after school one day. Kate was ecstatic to discover they had at least 20 Magic Tree House Books, her current favorite books!
Kate made this cute Thanksgiving placemat at school.

Here's a pic I dragged off instagram of Millie's preschool Thanksgiving feast! 

Park time after Kate's painting class
The girls, especially Kate, have been SO looking forward to making pie! They both got up before 6am on Wednesday morning. They waited patiently for their clock to turn green and by 6:33am we had started! We had 3 of our 4 pies done before Henry even woke up. 

These girls are the best little helpers. I adore baking with them and am thrilled to pass down a love of pie making!

Because Tim has been on a cardiology, mostly outpatient, rotation he had ended up getting almost 4-1/2 days off! It was crazy! And unexpected! Tim and the girls enjoyed some pre-Thanksgiving painting while we waited for our cousins to arrive Wednesday afternoon.
The girls love welcoming our guests from our front "porch." Here they are patiently waiting for the Earls to pull up.
Kate and her cousin Ellie's Thanksgiving flag
Our buddy Max and the delicious turkey he smoked for the big day.

We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving feast. I love hosting. We had a total of 8 adults and 9 kids including Ann and Adam (and their 3 kids), Tim's cousin Tisah and her husband and little boy and then our dearest friends who are our AZ family, the Gibbons (they have 2 kids). Here is the kids table. 

And the adults.

The food was delicious and the company even better. Kate loved the cranberries this year + the rolls and apple pie. Millie seriously only add rolls and then lots of whipped cream. And Henry of course ate everything. He's such a good boy!

Our neighbors have this little Snoopy decoration on their porch. Henry has to go give him a hug anytime we are outside. 

It was so so fun to have some much cousin time. We enjoyed some movie nights, lots of playing at the green space, trying to capture lizards in the backyard, crafting and just having fun. Friday we took the Earls to the train park and enjoyed a picnic.

And then with the heat wave that passed through, we decided to go over to cousin Tisah's pool (they heat their pool to 78 degrees and also have a beach and large shallow area) to swim Friday afternoon. I thought it would still be too cold, I think I'm becoming soft after living here for 2-12 years or something, but it turned out to be awesome. We stayed over 2 hours and had the best time.

Alice (8 months older than Henry) and Henry are here having a contest to see how quickly they can consume a pint of blueberries. They downed them in just a few minutes. 

Ann's family left Saturday morning. We were sad to see them go. However, Tim took the girls to Home Depot where they made cute Christmas tree ornaments and then that afternoon we decided to go out into the hustle and bustle. We were planning to go see Santa but after discovered the wait was 2 hours, no thank you. Fortunately the AG Store was right there to help soften the blow of not seeing the jolly old elf. 

Henry loves going to the AG Store too! Then Saturday night we got cozy in our new Christmas jammies and enjoyed watching Elf as a family! We are so excited the Christmas season is here!