Monday, February 19, 2018

Second Week of February

I love the all the notes Kate leaves, especially for Tim because they always include space (because they both love space)! 
Some sister ipad watching and crazy sibling shenanigans with Henry's cozy coop on Sunday evening. 

Monday Kate was really excited to turn in her Spring poster for the poster competition. Unfortunately she didn't win but she is totally fine. I'm so proud of her. She just loved making a big poster. 
We also had to transport Kate's rock house to school Monday morning. They've been doing a unit all about rock and had to do a rock report including make a home for their pet rock. Kate's pet rock is named Rockey...after my favorite ice cream Rocky Road. Spelled RockEy on purpose. Silly girl. Rockey is a painter and loves ice cream. Kate totally just went all out on his house. I love how much she loves to create and it kills me how she loves attaching everything with tape! We go through a lot of scotch tape at our house!
Trying to find a helmet for Henry. This one was too big (even for Millie) although they both wanted it so bad!
Kate just loves space! She has this idea of making a astronaut suit for herself. She had the idea to turn this box into her helmet. I finished cutting out the the whole for her one night after she went to bed. The plan was to paint it white sometime later this week. But on Wednesday morning when she woke up at 6am, before I could even come downstairs at 6:30am she had glued little strips of white paper on it and told me, "not to worry mom, now we don't have to paint it!"
Cutest errand runner (above) and Henry's favorite activity (below)...unloading all the books off his bookshelf.

School book fair!!! I distinctly remember all the excitement and joy that came from the book fair when I was an elementary school kid. Our school pairs the book fair with what they call Literacy Night. A bunch of community college kids come in and they have all these fun art projects for the kids to do. We had a blast last year so Kate and Millie were super excited to go again this year. And bonus for going to Literacy Night you get a $5 coupon to use at the book fair. Score!
The first graders pet rock houses are on display in the library. Kate wanted to show us where Rockey's ended up. She was so proud. It's the yellow one with the ice cream sundaes on each side of the door!

Lots of fun activities for the kids
Kate and her classmate buddy Connor

And then Wednesday was VALENTINE'S DAY!!! Holidays are just so fun with kids! The girls were so excited to exchange their valentines and both couldn't wait to show one another their valentines after school! I love these sweet sisters!

I think I already expressed how I initially thought it would be so fun to do a themed, more elaborate box. I remember so many of my awesome valentine boxes from way back then. But Kate told me she just needed some stickers, stamps and glitter glue and she would be set. She just totally went for it without any help and it couldn't have turned out any better. And she loves it!

While the girls were at school Hen and I went to story time. I love our special time together just the two of us! 

Tim knows me well. Inside my valentine card was cash with strict instructions that I was to go to Cafe Rio for a valentine's lunch! Yummy!

Just checking out all her valentine goods

It ended up raining in the afternoon and the kids were so anxious to go out and play in it.

I used to make a fancy meal for Valentine's Day but over the last couple I have settled into the idea of having heart shaped pizza and the kids couldn't be happier. Plus Tim wouldn't be home so it was a no brainer to just have pizza. 
We were initially going to do our traditional chocolate fondu but then our cute back door neighbor gave us this chocolate dipping set so we just did that. Our fruit and pretzels turned out so awesome. The girls were really into getting a nice drizzle and surprised me with sorting all the stuff into bowls and attempting to clean it all up while I put Henry to bed.

Loved this shot of Millie's preschool class with their valentines

Right now is the best time of year to visit Phoenix. For real. As evidence by the number of friends or family that we've been able to see in the last few weeks. It's been so fun! I saw on facebook that our next door neighbors (and the husband was Tim's med school classmate) from our days in Iowa City were in town. I assumed they had a packed schedule when I commented on their post. But it worked out that the kids and I were able to meet up with Tim and Nichole and it was just so fun to reconnect. They are in Denver for his general surgery residency and were just the best neighbors and good friends. I distinctly remember right after Nichole moved in (Tim had been living next to us for awhile before they got married and she moved in) her knocking on my door because their was a tornado warning. They didn't have a basement so she came over to our house. I got to know her pretty well as we sat in the basement with baby Kate. 
Last day of this tumbling session. And I didn't register early enough...the class is full so I guess we'll do some ballet next.

Millie is the second to the last one. 

I hate waking him up to go pick up Kate from school. I had to every day this week. So sad. Usually we car pool with a friend so I don't have to everyday but their van was in the shop.

After having a crazy number of chopsticks left over after Tim's Taiwan presentation to all of the 1st graders at Kate's school I told Tim I really wanted to have a Chinese New Year celebration. He's on a tough rotation right now so we haven't seen him a whole heap thus he wasn't  home so we invited our friends the Gibbons over. It wasn't anything authentic or anything but it was sure a good excuse to make some fun dishes. 

Singing songs they wrote
Blurry but had to document Henry doing his nightly tricks before bed!
Saturday we headed to the American Girl Store to finally check out Luciana, the Girl of the Years, astronaut suit. We saw her when we were in Utah at the temporary store at City Creek but they did not have the suit we were dying to see. We should have gone straight to our store when we got home in January but just hadn't made it over there. And I was actually hoping that we could go one day when Tim could come along because Henry loves pulling everything off the shelves and is not happy in the stroller so I wanted back up. But Tim's schedule has just been so busy so I finally decided we couldn't wait anymore. But then we were horribly disappointed that the suit is backordered and thus they didn't have it out to see because you couldn't purchase it right now. We were all bummed. But still had so much fun looking around. Although I'm not so sure I'm going back with Henry...haha!

Then Saturday evening Tim and I were finally able to spend a little time together and have our Valentine's Day date! We hiked the nearest "mountain" that we live near the base of, Lookout Mountain. It's been on our AZ Bucket List for a long time. We've attempted it with the kids but never gotten very far. So it was so fun to finally to it. We then hurried home and changed for our fancier dinner at Pomelo at the Orchard. The food and ambience were awesome and we also snagged some  amazing gelato at Splurge. It was such a fun date night and I should also mention we put an offer on a house in East Millcreek!!! Ahh!