Sunday, January 14, 2018

Second Week of January

It's pretty hard to believe we have only been home for a week. The kids have been having so much fun with their toys that we had to quickly pack away after Christmas day for Tim to haul back to Phoenix. Henry has been hauling his treasures all over the house in his little wagon! The weather has been absolutely incredible this week!!! I feel like I said that last week but it's been every better this week. I mean heck...73 degrees. That's perfection! I keep saying to the girls, "what are we going to do when we move to Utah?!"  January in Phoenix is the BEST!

Love this pic of Millie at preschool!

Because Tim is on an easier rotation this month he's also on back up a lot this month...meaning he has lots of shifts where he just has to be on call and may get called in. Tim called me Wednesday afternoon to tell me he had been called in. Bummer. So we decided to go meet Tim for dinner before his night shift started. The kids adore these chairs that spin that are in the lobby. They are are entertainment while we wait for Tim. 
Like I said lots of enjoying the lovely weather!

I love this little boy! I just love how inherent boys love balls, trucks and things that go! I knew boys were different than girls but just didn't realize how much I was missing without my baby boy! 
Kate so pleased with her monthly box top drawing goody bag. 

Millie is back to tumbling! And is so pleased! We hit the library before tumbling class too. 

Does anyone else's husband leave stuff like this for you. Thursday evening when I went to sleep this was full of tomatoes. Friday morning I woke up to this. Why? Seriously, he left two. I mean was he really so full he couldn't eat two more? Did he think I could use two cherry tomatoes? Crazy boy!
Friday night treat run. We tried a new artisan ice cream shop called Sweet Republic. It was a bit pricy but super yummy.
Second Saturday of the month means Free Family Day at the Art Museum. One of our very favorite activities. Tim had the day off so naturally we would all go together. Although it's not always easy keeping Henry from trying to touch everything. Tim really wanted to take Tim to the Children's Museum for a little father son fun. So the boys went one way and us girls headed to the art museum. And we all had the best time! 

Kate was thrilled to find this nun painting...over Christmas break my mom and I finally introduced the girls to the Sound of Music! And they loved the movie and loved finding this "Sound of Music painting!"

We always have to stop by Kate's favorite Monet piece. And it just so happened to be on the scavenger hunt this month.
And this is Millie's favorite...the firefly room. It's a little room, cave as Millie calls it, that you walk into. They are hundreds of little colored lights hanging down with mirrors on the walls. It's pretty dang awesome. Millie just loved it in there and twirls and dances. Wish you could see her in this picture. Kate gets pretty nervous and previously has opted not to go in. But today went in! 

Then the real highlight was this activity. The museum has a decent little collection of miniatures/ mini rooms that the girls lovingly call "the dollhouses." As an activity the girls got to make their own mini rooms. They had all sorts of junk from jenga pieces to blocks, popsicles sticks, beads, paper  etc. And here's what they came up with. We spent a good hour putting their rooms together and wished we would have had more time. Kate proclaimed it, "the best activity ever!"

Saturday afternoon we watched our dear friends, the Wrights, so our friends could go on an anniversary date! We spent almost the whole time outside either in the backyard or at our green space playing soccer and hide and seek. 

Henry looking so big!
And then we had a BBQ picnic in the backyard! Yes it is that nice right now! Come visit!
And then Kate and I went on a little shopping date. I'm sad I didn't snap a picture of us. I love our one-on-one dates with the kids. We have been pretty good about doing them in the past but have recommitted ourselves with the new year. While Kate and I were on our date, Millie painted :)

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

More from Utah

Here's a bunch of pics from our remaining 9 days in Utah (after Tim left). Gosh we missed him! But we sure enjoyed a lot of cousin and grandparent time! And with how busy Tim was it was a smart move. I had originally wanted to plan to come home a few days earlier than we did just so we'd have a couple days to be home and adjust...but it seemed that the more days you flew after New Years the better/cheaper. So we didn't end up flying home until the 6th. 
We enjoyed checking out the giant gingerbread house and windows at the Grand America!

We enjoyed going over to all of my brothers houses and playing with cousins! Two of my brothers and their families came over to my parents for New Years Eve. We did awesome firework, enjoyed our tradition of fondu (this year we only did chocolate) and played games. Henry went to bed just about on time at 7:15pm but the girls stayed up till 10:30pm! Par-tay!

Here's my IG Best Nine. Pretty funny that our Star Wars Halloween made it up there twice. I was surprised our fellowship announcement didn't make the cut. But whatever. Kind of random. 
Kate with her cousin Sunny and Sunny's American Girl Doll named Kate after my Kate!
Salt Lake has a temporary AG pop up store for the Christmas season. We were super anxious to head down to City Creek and check out the new Girl of the Year, Luciana! She's all about space exploration so we were pretty pumped! 

These girls really wanted to go to the we did. The cold just didn't stop them. We didn't last too long though. And I tell you it was such a relief to get home to Phoenix and enjoy swinging in the warm weather!!!

Despite the lack of snow...Grandpa was determined to make the girls dreams of going sledding come true. We drove up towards Park City to the golf course, Mountain Dell, where I worked one summer and a favorite sledding hill from my childhood and had the best morning sledding! All the Salt Lake kids had gone back to school and conditions were not ideal but we had the whole hill to ourselves.

Dollie sleepover
Tim's parents left on a trip to Kirtland, Ohio a couple days after Christmas. We were so glad they got back just in time for us to see them before we left. We loved meeting up with them and Auntie Jess, Cruz and Marlow at the Aquarium one day.

The girls were SO excited about taking their suitcases. Kate had seriously been asking for a suitcase for months. They looked so dang cute dragging them along. And I'm so happy to report that Henry was so great on the flight back. It's a super quick flight but I was worried how he was going to be seeing that he is such a busy busy boy! But he was totally manageable!

Henry loved watching all the planes and trucks on the tarmac.
What a wonderful Christmas break! We are truly so blessed and have so much to be thankful for. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families!